Inside and Outside a house

Considerations of architecture often fall into two camps, interior and exterior. The two are inexorably linked, and the best forms of our discipline create a conversation that contrasts or combines the skin and the heart.

Our office and practice works in both spheres, but a times they become separated. Many historic rehabilitation projects demand a loyalty to the original exterior with little change, and the interior architecture and layout become to fulcrums of our scope. Conversely, large scale mixed use developments are best suited to partners whose focus is interior design, and thus we study the architectural form, street wall, context, and programmatic usage of space.

The above is a before/after of the reception desk at Linden Row Inn in Richmond. Recently completed, the project–ostensibly focused in scope to one piece of furniture in one area of the hotel–explored and impacted the spacing and scale of the entire entry, and lead to further space renovations currently being conducted. It began as a study of entry, of beginning, or first impression.

Center of the universe brewery

Contrast this, the Center of the Universe Brewery, currently wrapping up final finishes. It’s a place that has grown organically, and that people return to every night. It’s a part of the community, and the project was about returns, comfort, and making form from use–making the space easy to use in the way the sizable following already inhabits it. The building–formerly a newspaper operation–transforms into a warm tavern, an idiosyncratic place to congregate and devour delicious, carbonated cups.


The tools and techniques with which we approach these interiors are fundamentally the same as those employed for exterior architectural form. Questions of scale, relational form and strength, functionality, beauty.

construction site with steel structure

We do both, we love both.